Vibe Fountain


Vibe Fountain consists of Patrich and Lotte Parmatow. After travelling the world for the last 20 years they decided to settle down in their home town Malmö, on the southern tip of Sweden. Both avid musicians and sticklers for creating inspiring music, they decided to create a platform for their creative ideas.
Music production and music recording is at the core, but has since also branched out into periferal areas such as film, graphic design and art. Wherever their friends, customers and network might take them.

In the early 20th century a young boy attended his parents wedding in Spanish Town, a small town on Jamaica’s south coast. Jamaica, at the time a part of the UK empire, gained its independence 1962. In the late 50’sand 60’s many young jamaicans emigrated to UK and Europe to seek a good education and better life. So did the young boy who was now a young man. He eventually found his way to Sweden, and a few years later his son, Patrich, was born. You will find the young boy in the picture to the very far right in the front row.

jamaican wedding



Lotte is first and foremost a saxophone player (soprano, alto & tenor) but also plays flute and keyboard. Lotte has a solid musical education and has a Master of Arts (MFA) from the Malmö Academy of Music at Lund University. She is also a Senior High School teacher in Spanish educated at the Univeristy of Havana, Cuba.

Lotte has played in many different constellations across several continents over the years. She was a founding member of the all female saxophone quartet SAX PAC who amongst other represented Sweden in the World Expo in Hannover. She has toured Cuba with the Swedish band Cristal Andino, as well as played in the Rio de Janeiro carnival with Danish band Abanda. 10 years ago she formed Sonic Industry together with Patrich as an outlet for their own songwriting and creativity.


Patrich plays the guitar, bass and keyboard.

He holds a Master of Business (MBA) from the Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge UK as well as a Bachelor of Art (BA) in Technical Information from the Mälardalen University in Eskilstuna/Västerås, Sweden. He has studied Drama & Film Science at the Lund University, Sweden and in addition to this he as accuired formal traning in sound mixing & mastering from the SAE Institute.

Since young age Patrich has been mesmerized by the art of sound recording, song writing and music production. He built his first small studio already in the late 80’s where he let all his musician friends record their demos. From there the line is  straight, but also somewhat jagged, to the Vibe Fountain studio of today.

After working and doing business many years abroad; living and working in Singapore, the Czech Republic and Spain, he decided to found Vibe Fountain together with Lotte and combine his interest for music, film and art into one enterprise.