Vibe Fountain

The song is king, your vision is our beacon.

We know how it is; writing songs can be a heart wrenching process. You pour your soul out onto a piece of paper, or into the recorder of your mobile phone. The songs are like your children –  you love them but you don’t want to send them to school in dirty clothes. So you need to do your songs justice. They deserve it.

There’s were we might be able to help you. In the Vibe Fountain Studio we help you to find your vibe. We help you record, produce and finally mix & master your precious creations. Boom-shakalaka!


Gear n’ such

This is where we should list all the stuff and gear and equipment and such we house in our studio – in a long list. Even worse, we could put it all in a tedious downloadable excel-file. Kinda’ boring we think.

Instead we say like this. It’s really not about the gear. It’s more about the vision you have for your art. Do you know what you want to say? Do you know why you say it? Do you have an idea of how you want to say it?

If so we might be able to help you. Of course quality gear is important (which we have in abundance), but without a clear vision about what you want to acheive, the best tools on the planet can’t help you.

OK, for all you gear-heads out there, click here to see our gear list.


We like to say that the Vibe Fountain Studio is a ‘hybrid’ studio. We live in the ever so interesting intersection between the analogue world and the digital realm. We love the combination of the harmonic distortion from an  analogue compressor and the pristine preciseness of a carefully programmed VST plugin.


At the end of the day, the song dictates our process. We are equally happy to work 100% ‘in the box’ , as routing your precious signal through our outboard stack under our mixing desk.

The song is king, your vision is our beacon.




MIX & Master

 Maybe you have already recorded your gems. In that case we can help you with the mixing and mastering process. And we will gladly assist you with production advice as well. One song can take the shape of thousands. Only your imagination is your limit. Let us know your preferences and ideas.  

Contact us for more info and pricing advice.


If you want us to mix your recorded tracks please send us following:

  • All tracks in high resolution audio format with identical start points
  • Your own rough mix
  • Reference mix (as many as you see fit)
  • Track sheet in list format with track content descriptions
  • Any further instructions to guide us in the mix process

We deliver:

  • Stereo wav file in high resolution (24/32bit float, 44.1kHz/48kHz)


If you want us to master your mixed 2-track/s, please send us following:

  • Your mixed file/s in high resolution audio format
  • Instructions on fade in/fade out points
  • Track order (for album mixing)
  • Info on track gap/transitions (for album mixing)
  • Intended end media (streaming/CD etc)

We deliver:

  • Stereo wav file in high resolution (16/24bit, 44.1kHz/48kHz)

We revise until you are happy (within reasonable limits)